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Sponsored Grant

Aureon, formerly Iowa Network Services (INS), created the grant program in 1993 to increase service and support to the rural Independent Telecommunications Companies and the communities it serves.

Aureon is now accepting applications for the quarterly Aureon Charity Grant Program. The grant is available to Iowa communities sponsored by its participating telecommunication companies.

Grant application forms are available from RVTC. There are virtually no restrictions on the number or types of charities that may apply for the grant; however, the program must benefit and be made available to all members of the community. The deadline for submission is the end of each calendar quarter.

Interested organizations are encouraged to contact RVTC to learn more information, as well as obtain and complete the application. All Charity Grant awards will be presented by Aureon and RVTC.

Whether you're trenching in a field, planting a tree, putting in a new mailbox post or digging a
foundation, Iowa law requires everyone to locate underground utilities before digging.
FIRST, contact Iowa One Call at 811 to begin the process, then WAIT 48 hours
(excluding Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays) BEFORE any digging begins.
Anyone who cuts or damages any lines belonging to RVTC, or is not in compliance with
Iowa One Call rules when lines are damaged, will be turned into
Iowa One Call and the Iowa Attorney General’s office.
RVTC will also bill the cost of all labor and materials to repair damages.

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