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Welcome to River Valley Telecommunications serving Graettinger, Ruthven, and Wallingford areas.


                                        Take Caution:

​Be very cautious when opening attachments on your emails. There are many emails going around that are scams. Especially this time of year when more people are shopping online. You may even get ones from USPS saying your package is delayed and to open the attachment for details. We ask that you don't open any attachments unless you are very sure they are legit. These emails look very real and may look like they come from a trusted sender.


Watch TV Everywhere!!

Watch some of your favorite shows anywhere there is an Internet connection and on any device when you sign up on WatchTVEverywhere.com.

IPTV Customers will need to call our office to get the login information needed to sign up.

What is TV Everywhere? (WTVE) is a service that allows cable TV subscribers to view TV programs on devices other than a TV set. This can include a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone for no additional cost!!

​Call River Valley to start watching TV Everywhere today!!
Graettinger/Wallingford Customers call 712-837-3300
Ruthven Customers call 712-837-552


Do you have your services on a Bundle Package?

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