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There is a new variant of a CryptoLocker malware that began circulating on the internet in the last couple of weeks. Because this variant is new and polymorphic, anti-virus software is having a difficult time detecting and preventing it. These types of malware are very dangerous in both our personal and professional lives. Through what may seem like an innocent link on a website or an email is an application that is installed on the computer that begins en...crypting files. In the business setting, it doesn't stop at a computer, but continues to file servers and, potentially, beyond, encrypting files as it goes. As a result of the encryption, we are not able to unencrypt or access these files. While backups can be used to restore data, they only restore from the last backup. What this means is, you would lose all of the work you performed on infected systems from the time period of the last backup.

Is your Anti-Virus protection up to date and working? Now is a good time to make sure. Know what you are clicking on. If you have any doubt there may be a reason. If you do not have any virus protection call RVTC and we can help you with that.

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